WOMEN & WHEELS May 17th 2014

Come enjoy breakfast as we present our semi-annual womens car care clinic.  Goodie bags and fabulous door prizes.  At the event you will learn basics of your car.  How to maintain your car, what to ask a technician, how to evaluate repairs.  May 17th 2014 from 9am to 11am. Call Phyllis and make reservations 859-727-4999

Angies List Super Service Award

Ernies Garage was awarded Angies list Super Service Award  for 2013.  This is the second time we have received this prestigous award.

How Season Changes Affect Your Car

If you live in a state that has drastic season changes then you’re familiar with how road conditions can change every few months.  It’s an inconvenience we’ve just learned to adapt to.  The biggest change of course is potholes, which are most prevalent in the spring or early summer.

Potholes, if you’re unfamiliar, are craters that appear in the roads and can cause significant damage to a vehicle’s tires, wheels, steering components and in some cases, encountering a pothole can produce minor body damage.  Potholes form when moisture seeps into the ground during cold weather.  When the ground freezes and expands, the asphalt rises.  The wear and tear from traffic deteriorates the roads, and when the ground thaws again, the affected areas of road collapses into a pothole.

Potholes are dangerous because they can cause accidents and vehicle damage, and one unfortunate encounter with this menacing phenomenon can be enough for your wheels to become misaligned at the very least.  For this reason, it’s a good idea to get your alignment checked in the spring.

Vehicle misalignment can cause many issues, from handling problems to irregular tire wear.  When you also consider the fact that your vehicle’s alignment can gradually change over time due to normal wear, getting your front-end checked is simply a facet of routine auto maintenance.

May 2013 Women & Wheels

Check out some photos from our Women Only car care clinic held on Saturday, May 4, 2013.

At Ernie’s we strive to help women feel confident they are doing their part to extend the life and safety of their vehicle. That and we love to throw a good party! Watch for our next clinic in October!

Bob, owner and president of Ernie’s Garage explains the importance of general maintenance on vehicles.

Two of our favorite loyal customers have a good laugh!

At our event, we also featured a wonderful charity called Rob’s Kids. Thanks to all the ladies that donated to this important cause for kids!

Allen and Matt show some “under the car” basics.

Our door prize table was FULL of great gifts!

Our favorite quote from this years clinic was…”Wow…I would have never dreamed a garage would be so clean and organized!”


Women & Wheels

Join us on Saturday, May 17, 2014  from 9am to 11am for our “Women Only” car care clinic. Our ASE Certified Technicians will be on hand to give you some automotive tips and to answer all your car care questions. Complimentary breakfast, goodie bags and awesome door prizes await you. You don’t want to miss this event!

Call TODAY to register, space is limited…859-727-4999